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If you don't know, now you know

Does Copa Provide alcohol for events? 

Yes, the last thing you want to do is tackle the masses at the liquor stores, figure out how much to buy, prepare and store a thousand items. All three packages include the alcohol and mixers as part of the package.

Are cocktail tastings available?

Yes! A tasting session is an optional add-on. The lead bartender will set up a time to meet in your home for you to taste cocktail options. He/she will come prepared with recommended cocktails for you to try. If you have any special requests, please let us know and we'd be happy to recreate it. A Tasting is fun and allows us to make any adjustments based on your taste. If you would like to set up a tasting session, please contact us directly. Tastings are available anywhere near the Salt Lake valley. 

Where can Copa operate?

Most of our events take place at event venues, private residences or corporate offices. We can bring cocktail service to hotels or other businesses, so long as they allow outside venders. We can only operate in public spaces with special state permits. Contact us directly to have us look into your specific event parameters.

Some of our guests are not drinkers. Do you offer special non-alcoholic options?

Absolutely. Our non-drinking friends are just as important and should always feel included. Non-alcoholic versions of our specialty cocktails are available in most cases. Many of our mixers are made from scratch and those abstaining from alcohol can enjoy "mocktails." 

My Aunt Sue only drinks Vodka Sodas. Will there be simple mixers as well as your specialty cocktails?

Yes. As part of the cocktail packages, we include basic mixers like soda water, tonic, ginger ale, cranberry juice, orange juice, sour mix and sodas for all those "Aunt Sues" out there. 

My go-to bar serves this cocktail called "blank" and we want to offer it for our guests. Can you recreate our fave?

We love a challenge!

My friends are a rowdy bunch and can get out of hand with open bars. Will you cut people off?

Serving up enchanting libations is our mantra, but doing so safely is our duty. All of our staff is TIPS certified and trained by the DABC to responsibly serve alcoholic beverages. We are also the friendly ones and have no problem talking someone into a water or soda instead.  

Will you put out a tip jar?

This is ultimately up to you. if you choose to add staff gratuity of a 20% minimum of the service total, then we will skip the tip jar. 

Are you insured?

Copa Crew and its employees are covered by our insurance policy. If you would like to be a rider on our policy, let us know and we will do so. Our policy will cover the bar and those consuming items from the bar. Short term umbrella insurance is available at reasonable cost as well and we can help you establish coverage in this way if you would like. 

I'm a venue owner. Will Copa leave the area a mess after they are done?

No, Copa bartenders will leave the space tidy like we found it. We'll take our own garbage out and clean up as best as possible.

Do you travel? 

Yes 👍 Inquire about travel rates via our Contact Us Page.

What do bartenders wear?

A standard uniform is part of our service. Bartenders will wear either:

  1. Dark pants and a dark polo

  2. Blank pants and a black button up shirt

  3. Cocktail attire

  4. Any specific request will be considered

Can you also provide event staff?

Yes! Additional event staff can be provided. They will make sure guests are content by keeping beverages full, ensure the area looks clean by clearing empty cups and plates from tables, emptying trash bins and assisting the venue with event tasks leaving the venue clean and drastically minimizing event workload and take down time. They are paid hourly. Inquire about this optional add-on via our Contact Us page.